About Me

chariss k walker profile picI’m Chariss K. Walker and I write fiction and nonfiction books with a metaphysical message. After studying metaphysical concepts and ideas for 30+ years, it was only natural that I would transition from writing nonfiction books about those topics to writing fiction books about characters with those qualities and abilities. If you are interested in ‘all things that can’t be explained,’ you will enjoy reading my books. Please, leave a review. A few words or sentences will do. Reviews are very important to every author. I know they are to me. Below, you’ll find images of all my Published Books: 


An Alec Winters Series: A Dark, Adult Contemporary Fantasy

The Vision Chronicles series: Paranormal Thriller/Suspense

Serena McKay Crime Novels

Purple Kitty, Book 1

Blue Cadillac, Book 2

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